Scrape contact info with LinkedIn Email Finder

Find the contact's email (business and personal) from a LinkedIn search, sales navigator, your network, or from a group, and get all data stored in your lead management dashboard

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Easy to find emails

  • Find your email in just 2 clicks

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So many data ?
Yes, it's real.

The Linkedin Email finder feature of Spylead is one of the most powerful and allows you to collect a maximum of data on the contacts you target. This data will be useful to frame your sales strategies.

Finding emails from LinkedIn becomes simple, and fast. With the Bulk feature, you will be able to extract multiple profiles from LinkedIn search results Sales navigator, your network, and from LinkedIn groups.

Business Emails

Collect the business emails of all current companies for each contact

Personal Emails

Collect the personal emails of each contact when it is available

Phone number

Collect the phone number of each contact when it is available

Position and job title

Collect the current position, the period, and the complete headline of each contact

Company details

Collect the Industry, headquarter, description, number of employees

Past company & position

Collect the periods and past companies of each contact


Collect the schools and period of study for each contact


Collect the current country or country of origin indicated on the contact profile


Collect all the skills listed on the contact's profile

Birthday date

Collect the birthday for each contact when it is provided


Collect the gender (male or female) for each of the contacts

LinkedIn & Twitter URL

Collect the URL of twitter and Linkedin for each contact

Get more done in less time


Bulk mode on steroids

Launch several bulks simultaneously and get tons of emails in a fraction of the time


Only verified emails

We only provide verified and up-to-date emails. Quality is more important than quantity - you won't bounce, your domain reputation will never be harmed


Scrape in background

You can launch several bulk at the same time and leave the LinkedIn tab when the bulk is launched!

Try Spylead. You won't be disappointed

Most of other tools

Scraping duration for 100 leads

45" seconds
Average 4 minutes

Run in background

Run multiple bulks at the same time

Emoji automated cleaner

Provide only 100% verified emails

Find personal emails and phone

Find email from LinkedIn profile URL

Sales navigators compatible

Find emails from an event

Find emails from a group

Find emails from an employee page

Credit cost

Credit cost

LinkedIn Email Finder


per verified email revealed

Google Maps & SERP


per 10 results

Email Finder


per successful request

Email Verification


per request

Scrape from LinkedIn
Keep your data warm

Contacts scraped from LinkedIn are saved in your Lead Management and can be sorted by list.

Lead Management

  • Keep contact and company data warm

  • Sort contact into a custom list

Organize your leads


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