Scrape emails and data from Google maps

Open the chrome extension, type a keyword in Google maps, and scrape the data and emails associated with each listing, in just a few seconds

Lot of emails!

Verify emails

CSV export

Scrape, collect and manage

What data are collected? All.

Capture all the data you need for your lead acquisition strategy with Spylead.You have in your hands the best no-code way to scrape google maps in a few seconds, with the most complete and accurate data.
The extraction of Google maps data is made from a keyword and a specific location and takes only a few seconds. Spylead is a great tool to get in touch with all the local businesses in the specialized categories you want to contact

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We scrape all website's pages associated with the listing to find all emails. They can be verified with 99,9% accuracy.

Phone number

Collect phone number(s) which are on the Google My Business listing and the webisite


Know the number of review each local business has collected from their listing


Detect the CMS, and if Google analytics, GTM, and Fb pixel is used on the website.

Business Name

Collect the business name which is mentionned on the GMB listing

Average review

Estimate the performance of each business with the average review rate

GPS Location

Know the exact position of the business with latitude and longitude.

Business Address

Know the street, the city and Zip code of any local businesses you scape

Website URL

The URL found on GMB listing is extracted and displayed in your campaign

Get more done in less time


Fast scraping

To extract data from local business listings, it will only take you a few minutes!


Verify the emails

Once the data is collected, you can check the deliverability of the emails directly from your campaign


Scrape in background

You can launch several bulk at the same time and leave the Google maps tabs when the extraction is launched!

Spylead find 4X more relevant emails than others tools!

Others scrapers
Run in background
Run multiple bulks at the same time
Data stored in a campaign
Email can be verified in the campaign
CSV export
Scraping from chrome extension

Credit cost

Credit cost

LinkedIn Email Finder


per verified email revealed

Google Maps & SERP


per 10 results

Email Finder


per successful request

Email Verification


per request

Never lost the data you scrape again

All the data are saved into a clean campaign on your Spylead Dashboard.
Sort and download at any time!


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