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% of reliability

We give the trust score associated with the emails with 99.9% reliability


We detect if the email is associated to a male, or female


We verify that the email address has the correct format and is not gibberish

Server status

We verify that MX records are present for the domain


Based on the name and last name, we analyze and give the contact gender

Email status

We inform if the email is deliverable, accept-all, risky, or not deliverable


We analyze if the email type is professional or generic


Fast & Reliable

Verifying an email deliverability with Spylead takes around 1 to 2 seconds. We guarantee 99,9% deliverability thanks to our AI recognition.


Gender Detection

Check email deliverability, and know the gender of the contact! Spylead detect from the name and last name which is useful for retargeting.


Bulk verification

Verify email one by one, or directly in bulk by importing a list in a CSV or TXT format.

Verify in bulk
Get results in a second

All the data are saved into a clean campaign on your Spylead Dashboard.
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4 email states

  • Deliverable

  • Risky

  • Unknown

  • Invalid


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Email deliverability

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